ASAP is committed to accelerating the pace of discovery and informing a path to a cure for Parkinson’s disease through collaboration, research-enabling resources, and data sharing. We’ve created this catalog to showcase the research outputs and tools developed by ASAP-funded programs.


Open Field Test to assess motor coordination in a mouse parkinsonian model

The Open Field task is a simple sensorimotor test used to determine general activity levels, gross locomotor activity, and exploration habits in rodent models of CNS disorders.


Molecular heterogeneity in the substantia nigra: a roadmap for understanding PD motor pathophysiology

Review: This article discusses the existing knowledge of DA neuron subtypes and attempts to provide a roadmap for how their distinctive properties can provide novel insights into the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (PD).


Acute striatal or midbrain fiber photometry in head-fixed mice

While this protocol focuses recordings from striatum with GCaMP, it can be easily modified to record from other brain regions and with other fluorescent reporters.


Adhesive Removal Test to assess sensorimotor deficits in parkinsonian mice

This behavior is used to assess fine motor movements in a mouse Parkinsonian model. It checks for correct paw and mouth sensitivity (time-to-contact) and correct dexterity (time-to-remove).


Catalepsy test (Bar test)

The catalepsy test (bar test) was developed to test motor coordination and motor impairments.


Create mask for axonal quantification analysis with FIJI

This protocol describes how to create a quantified mask from an image of fluorescence-tagged axonal projections using FIJI/ImageJ software.


Endosome isolation

Subcellular fractionation to isolate early and late endosomes (EEs and LEs) by performing a series of centrifugation steps.


Genotyping mice from ear clips

This protocol describes the genotyping procedure from ear clip samples. This includes a general PCR protocol for primers with annealing temperatures in the range 55-70 degrees C. For other primers, the thermal cycling should be adjusted.


Immunofluorescence staining for postmortem mouse brain tissue

This is a basic protocol for staining mouse brain tissues using immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry techniques.


Pole Test to assess motor coordination in parkinsonian mice

The pole test evaluates the motor coordination ability of a mouse by having them grasp a pole and then descend to its home cage.


Coating coverslips for cell culture

Coated coverslips provide a nourishing adherent surface for cell culture. This protocol provides step by step instruction on how to coat coverslips for cell culture.