GP2 is a project developed to support meaningful, multidisciplinary collaborations to tackle scientific challenges in Parkinson’s disease. We are constantly generating resources that provide guidance and helpful information for scientists and investigators around the world. 

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  • Clinical Data Core Data Set

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    The recommended core/minimal data set is outlined in this document. These data elements are not mandatory for GP2 to include cohorts in the selection process, however, they may be helpful as a guide for new cohorts.

  • eCRF Document

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    The Monogenic Portal enables clinicians and researchers around the world to contribute data and samples from families with PD, and obtain the results of genetics studies. The details of the electronic case report form (e-CRF) through which details of families/cases can be submitted are outlined here.

  • Sample Prioritization Table

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    The Monogenic Hub of GP2 are prioritizing cases where a monogenic cause of Parkinson’s disease is strongly suspected. Multiple factors will be considered and scoring criteria will be used.

  • Workflows of Data and Samples

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    The following document outlines the workflow of the data and samples from contributing cohorts with existing DNA, and contributing cohorts with existing or externally generated genotype data.

  • Agreement Summary

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    The following documents outlines the agreements required from participating researches, including the Collaboration Agreement, and Material and Data Transfer Agreement.