Monogenic - Data Analysis Working Group

The Data Analysis group is one of the three working groups making up the Monogenic Hub. This Working Group executes and coordinates core analyses to identify the genetic basis of monogenic forms of Parkinson’s disease in close collaboration with the sample providers.

We will analyze genotyping and whole genome sequencing data obtained from the collected families in close collaboration with the sample providers. We hope to be able to analyze samples from across the world and include patients from underrepresented populations. We will also develop population specific reference genomes that will improve the detection of population specific risk factors.

Working Group
Peter Heutink, PhD
Lead Monogenic Data Analysis

Peter Heutink, PhD

German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases | Germany
Progress so far
  • Drafted analyses strategies for monogenic data
Remaining Year 1 Goals
  • Hiring co-lead and postdoc for analysis
  • Analyzing data from WGS pilot 1
  • Setting up shared space for data analyses with notebooks in collaboration with Data and Code dissemination group

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