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Datasets and key resources used in Do, Quyen B. et al. (2023) – Early striatal hyperexcitability in an in vitro human striatal microcircuit model carrying the Parkinson’s GBA-N370S mutation

The results highlight the unique utility of modelling striatal neurons in a modular and highly physiological circuit which is essential to reveal mechanistic insights of the loss of electrical functional integrity in the striata of GBA1 PD patients.


Welcome to SpatialBrain

A platform to view integrated data from the Wade-Martins Laboratory of Molecular Neurodegeneration.
Results and data from Kilfeather, Khoo, et al. 2023 (Manuscript in review):
Spatial Transcriptomic Analyses:
Cell Type Markers
SN/VTA Markers in Dopaminergic Neurons
Cell Number Changes in Age
TRAP Analyses:
Dopaminergic Markers
Dopaminergic Aging
Alternative Splicing in Dopaminergic Neurons