Funding Opportunities

GP2 Funding Opportunities

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CRN Funding Opportunities

Two new funding opportunities will be available beginning in 2024 and 2025. The first is for existing teams in the Collaborative Research Network (CRN) to apply for competitive renewal. The second opportunity is a call open to all researchers. See below for more details.

CRN Competitive Renewal Opportunity

ASAP announces a competitive funding opportunity for existing CRN teams. Renewal funds will be issued over two additional years to ensure that ambitious/bold ideas manifested or explored with original grants can be further built upon. Renewals must either explore a new direction related to findings from the original ASAP award or continue to explore a productive portion of their existing project. Note that priority will be given to team members who have been actively involved within our network. 

CRN teams will be able to reconstitute their personnel makeup to enhance collaboration and fill expertise needs, allowing for new members to be part of our network. Note that 50% of the original core leadership must remain on the application to ensure continuity for the grant.

The application process will open in early 2024 with letters of intent (LOIs) due at the end of March 2024. In April, selected teams will be invited to submit a full proposal. All proposals will undergo peer review. ASAP intends for renewal funding to start in Fall 2024.

Learn more about the work of current CRN teams.

CRN Round 3 Opportunity

ASAP also announces an open competitive funding opportunity for the broader research community launching in mid 2025. These grants will support projects based on new, yet-to-be-announced focus areas that require additional capital to spur discovery for Parkinson’s disease (PD) research. Additionally, this program will welcome a new set of investigators to the global ASAP network of collaborative researchers who are working to better understand the underlying causes of PD and inform the paths to cures.

We will announce additional RFP details and themes in early 2025. Stay tuned!

We anticipate accepting LOIs in early 2025. ASAP plans to make funding decisions in Fall 2025.

ASAP works with The Michael J. Fox Foundation to implement the award process.

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