The ASAP Collaborative Research Network

The ASAP Collaborative Research Network (CRN) is the first of its kind to foster an environment that facilitates the rapid and free exchange of scientific ideas to spark new discoveries for Parkinson’s disease (PD). 

The CRN is an international, multidisciplinary, and multi-institutional network of collaborating investigators working to address high-priority basic science questions. Teams are awarded grant funding through request for applications in partnership with the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF).


35 Teams Funded

$290M+ in Grant Funding Awarded Over Four Years

163 Investigators Total as Team Leaders



Team Leaders are Women



Team Leaders are Early-Career Investigators



Countries Represented Across Team Leadership



Institutions Across Team Leaders



of Teams report having Team Leads that are new to PD research

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ASAP’s CRN is focused on three key scientific themes related to Parkinson’s disease (PD) – functional genomics, neuro-immune interactions, and circuitry and brain-body interactions. Investigators on these teams bring the breadth of their collective experience to the PD field as they come from multiple disciplines, institutions, career stages, and geographies. Together, they share ASAP’s mission to improve our understanding of PD development and progression through collaboration, resource generation, and data sharing. Keep reading to explore the teams working in each theme or learn about individual CRN Investigators.

PD Functional Genomics

Since the first identification of a causal genetic mutation in Parkinson’s disease (PD), genetic discoveries have expanded our understanding of PD heredity and broadened insights into spontaneous disease. The focus across these teams will be to unravel the biology underlying these genetic mutations.

Neuro-Immune Interactions

Chronic neuroinflammation has long been implicated in Parkinson’s disease (PD); however, the underlying molecular mechanisms mediating this process remain unknown. The focus across these teams will be to uncover the molecular and cellular contributions of the neuro-immune system in Parkinson’s disease.

Circuitry and Brain-Body Interactions

The circuitry and brain-body interactions theme focuses on basic research aimed at understanding how the circuits that underlie key brain regions are affected in Parkinson’s disease and how they may contribute to disease initiation and progression. These teams will also investigate how communication between the brain and areas outside the brain are affected over the disease course. 

Explore ASAP-funded research outputs that are publicly available. 

CRN Funding Opportunities

Two new funding opportunities will be available beginning in 2024 and 2025.

The first is a competitive funding opportunity for existing CRN teams starting in early 2024. Renewal funds will be issued over two additional years to ensure that ambitious/bold ideas manifested or explored with original grants can be further built upon.

The second opportunity is an open competitive funding opportunity for the broader research community launching in mid 2025. These grants will support projects based on new, yet-to-be announced focus areas that require additional capital to spur discovery for PD research. 

In 2021 we announced the second round—and the third group—of the ASAP CRN grantees focused on circuitry and brain-body interactions, to complete our network.
We also kicked off the production phase for teams undertaking PD functional genomics and neuro-immune reactions and marked the beginning of the fully operational phase for our network.
All grantees have access to the ASAP Hub where they interact and work in partnership with others in the network.