Open Science

Promoting open science is at the core of all ASAP work. We are committed to ensuring research outputs are distributed online, free of cost or other access barriers.

We are also committed to ensuring our network members follow open access policies. Doing so ensures we are able to live up to our mission of creating a future where meaningful collaboration, research-enabling resources, and data sharing give us the answers we need to understand, diagnose and treat Parkinson’s disease.

Open Science Champions

Every month, as a part of our commitment to open science, our network nominates a lab or individual whose work demonstrates a strong commitment to open science.

ASAP Blueprint for Collaborative Open Science

Open access extends beyond our research principals. It also includes transparency in how ASAP is structured and developed. Our Blueprint report details our structure and founding principles.

The ASAP Blueprint for Collaborative Open Science is a comprehensive report on how Aligning Science Across Parkinson’s (ASAP) has worked towards its goals to date. This Blueprint presents initial findings on how our approach to open science has solidified and evolved over its first three years, data and metrics on progress, and CC-BY versions of assets that can be adopted and adapted by others. ASAP plans to update the Blueprint with new findings and updated versions of these assets on a regular basis.

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Pioneering a Path of Open Science

We are advancing collaborative and transparent research processes and environments to deliver faster and better outcomes to accelerate discovery and inform the path to a cure for Parkinson’s disease. The application of this approach—as outlined in the ASAP Blueprint for Collaborative Open Science—extends beyond PD to offer a roadmap for like-minded researchers and funders in support of open science and structuring teams that support collaboration, foster creativity, and improve efficiency of solution creation. 

Our work is being incorporated into primers for other funders in the: 

Other organizations are bringing our policies into practice for their own initiatives: 

Explore ASAP’s Catalog

Our Catalog lists the ASAP-funded research outputs that are publicly available. Check out our blog posts, articles, protocols, datasets, code for analytical pipelines, and lab resources such as plasmids, cell lines or animal models.

Open Access Policy

By supporting an open access policy, we facilitate the rapid and free exchange of scientific ideas, ensuring that the research we fund can be leveraged for future discoveries. Read the policy.

Thanks to our network of collaborators who help us promote open science.