Supported Programs

Aligning Science Across Parkinson's (ASAP) fosters collaboration, generates research-enabling resources, and promotes data sharing to accelerate discovery around the world, within and outside the existing Parkinson's disease (PD) community. We currently support five initiatives, all with the goal of advancing research for the benefit of the entire PD community. These supported programs work together to help us and the PD research field move closer to accelerating scientific advances by fostering a collaborative and open approach to research through open science.


The ASAP Collaborative Research Network (CRN) is an international, multidisciplinary, and multi-institutional network of collaborating investigators that facilitates the rapid and free exchange of scientific ideas to spark new discoveries for PD. Teams support productive collaborations, include diverse talents, and embrace the values of openness and transparency to accelerate outcomes and impact of findings.


The Global Parkinson’s Genetics Program (GP2) is working to genotype over 200,000 volunteers from around the world – helping to ensure ancestral diversity is included in PD-related genetic research and making PD genetics globally relevant. GP2’s commitment to serving underrepresented populations extends to providing tools, trainings, and other resources to PD researchers around the world.

The Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI) is a landmark observational study focused on supporting worldwide strategies for investigating and defining biomarker signatures of PD risk, onset, and progression​. PPMI makes its data set and biorepository – the most robust in PD to date – available to academia and industry to accelerate breakthroughs.

The iPSC Neurodegenerative Disease Initiative (iNDI-PD) is the largest genome engineering initiative in research to date. ASAP supports iNDI-PD, an extension of the iNDI research initiative that is making induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) resources accessible to all researchers working on PD and drawing connections across diagnostic lines.

The Accelerating Medicine Partnership in Parkinson’s Disease (AMP® PD) is a public-private partnership to harmonize PD datasets across the community with the goal of identifying and validating diagnostic, prognostic, and/or progression biomarkers for PD, with an emphasis on broadening data sharing in the biomedical community to advance PD research.

A Catalog for Research Outputs & Tools

The ASAP Catalog showcases the research outputs and tools developed by ASAP-funded programs and researchers to foster learning and collaboration in the PD space.