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  • MJFF Announces New Research Opportunity

    The Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative, a landmark study sponsored by the Michael J. Fox Foundation, is expanding with a new online platform. Your participation could help researchers find better ways to measure, treat and potentially prevent Parkinson’s. Get started today!

  • GP2-Funded Training Opportunity: Online Courses by FAES at the NIH

    Researchers looking to level up their bioinformatics and data science skills are invited to apply for GP2 funding to attend online courses delivered by the Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences (FAES) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Click below to find out more and access the application.

  • The Genetic Architecture of Parkinson’s Disease in Latino Populations

    An international research team led by the Cleveland Clinic has presented the most comprehensive characterization of the underlying genetic basis for Parkinson’s disease (PD) in Latinos to date, marking an important step towards more inclusive PD genetic research.

  • First-of-its-Kind DNA Biobank Opens in Peru

    ASAP, through GP2 and in partnership with LARGE-PD and the MJFF, celebrated a shared milestone with the inauguration of the DNA Biobank at the Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Neurológicas. The Biobank will help accelerate collaboration and greater genetic representation of Latin American participants in research.

  • Parkinson’s Awareness Month

    Researchers across our network are recognizing their peers in celebration of Parkinson's Awareness Month. Follow us on social media to learn more about scientists committed to Parkinson's disease research and the highlights of their work. 

  • ASAP Joins the Open Research Funders Group

    The Open Research Funders Group (ORFG) announced ASAP and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation as its two newest members. Highlighting the addition as a growing momentum to make research more open, equitable, and trustworthy.