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  • Congratulations to the 2022 COSA Prize Recipients

    ASAP’s second annual Celebration of Scientific Achievement (COSA) showcased the outstanding contributions of young investigators across our Collaborative Research Network (CRN). This year’s event attracted over 400 participants, with 140 abstracts being showcased from across the network.

  • GP2 Trainees Offer Perspective on Annual Investigators Meeting

    GP2's trainee network consists of nearly 150 members worldwide. Some of these trainees recently attended the inaugural Annual Investigators Meeting in Madrid, Spain. Take a look at their impressions of the meeting and GP2's ambitious work.

  • First ASAP In-Person Meeting

    It was a reunion for some and a first union for many as members of ASAP’s Collaborative Research Network (CRN) gathered for their inaugural in-person meeting in early April.

  • Probing a Parkinson’s Paradox

    An ASAP research initiative digs into the mystery of paradoxical kinesia—the swift movement in patients whose motor functions are impaired by Parkinson’s Disease.

  • Investigating waste in our cells: So that we can soon forget about Alzheimer’s

    An international team of researchers investigates ‘waste collection’ in human cells and helps to create the foundation for treatment of PD.

  • GP2 Celebrates the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

    Women scientists have historically gone unrecognized for their fundamental contributions. Today and every day, GP2 recognizes and works to empower women to lead, create, and innovate in the field of PD genetics around the world.