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  • GP2 Code Policy

    By GP2 Staff | |

    GP2 wants the data and code to be used as widely and openly as possible, calling for a need to standardize the code across analysis teams. This policy outlines guidance and expectations for code standardization.

  • GP2 Intellectual Property Policy

    By GP2 Staff | |

    In support of the ASAP strategic objectives of supporting collaborations, generating resources, and democratizing access to data, GP2 has been established as a pre-competitive consortium. GP2’s intellectual property (IP) policy is briefly summarized here.

  • Publication Policy

    By GP2 Staff | |

    In GP2 analyses, projects, and manuscripts should be coordinated and communicated in an open and transparent manner. This policy outlines guidance and expectations for publications.

  • Code of Conduct

    By GP2 Staff | |

    An essential part of GP2 is the creation of a global community of researchers committed to making transformative advances in Parkinson’s disease research. In this document we describe the code of conduct for investigators in GP2.

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