Jose Obeso, MD, PhD

Network Center for Biomedical Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases (CIBERNED)

José Obeso, MD, PhD, heads a highly active team devoted to stopping the progression of Parkinson’s disease (PD). He was editor in chief of the Movement Disorders journal (2010-2020) taking it to its highest historical performance (IF=10.33; 10th among all neurology titles). He occupies the Neurology Chair (#48) of the Royal National Academy of Medicine of Spain (2017). His current Hirsch index is 86 (ISI) and 108 (Google Scholar) out of more than 350 peer-reviewed papers on the pathophysiology of the basal ganglia, the role of the subthalamic nucleus, levodopa-related motor complications in PD. He had a major role in developing the concept of continuous dopaminergic stimulation and the revitalization of functional neurosurgery for PD in the 1990’s. His current interest is focused on understanding the factors leading to neuronal vulnerability in Parkinson’s disease, aiming to stop the progressive evolution of neurodegeneration.