asap's purpose is to accelerate the pace of discovery for Parkinson's disease

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Catalyzing Transformational Change ASAP—Aligning Science Across Parkinson's

ASAP's initial task is to develop a roadmap of scientific direction that will advance our understanding of the underlying mechanisms of Parkinson's disease, essentially bolstering our foundational knowledge of the disease.

A stronger foundation underlies the development of rationale diagnostics, therapeutics, and eventually a cure. The research roadmap will present strategies to break down disciplinary silos, align the interests of the basic and translational research communities, incentivize research toward common goals and document progress toward clinical goals. It will offer transformative solutions, address gaps in our understanding and provide a public framework for coordinating global research resources to advance basic science.

A deeper understanding of Parkinson's disease biology will support development of:

  • An objective diagnostic tool
  • A biomarker for disease initiation and/or progression
  • A disease-modifying therapy

We envision a future where Parkinson's disease is well understood, therapies and diagnostics are available, economic costs of the disease are minimized and patients can thrive.

The Roadmap