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Crystal structure ATG9 HDIR in complex with the ATG13:ATG101 HORMA dimer

Experimental Data Snapshot
Crystal structure ATG9 HDIR in complex with the ATG13:ATG101 HORMA dimer
PDB DOI: 10.2210/pdb8DO8/pdb
Organism(s): Homo sapiens
Expression System: Homo sapiens
Mutation(s): No
Deposited: 2022-07-12 Released: 2022-11-23
Deposition Author(s): Buffalo, C.Z., Ren, X., Yokom, A.L., Hurley, J.H.
Funding Organization(s): Other private
Resolution: 2.41 Å
R-Value Free: 0.251
R-Value Work: 0.204
R-Value Observed: 0.205


In situ structural analysis reveals membrane shape transitions during autophagosome formation

Preprint: A hallmark of PD is the failure of quality control mechanisms in the cell, such as autophagy. The authors combined cell biology with correlative cryo-electron tomography in yeast cells to show a high resolution stepwise structural progression of autophagosome biogenesis. Further, they revealed the organelle interactome for growing autophagosomes.


Immunoprecipitation (IP)

This protocol details about immunoprecipitation using anti-HA magnetic beads.


Expression and purification protocol of WIPI2d

This protocol details the expression and purification protocol of WIPI2d.


GST Bead pulldown Assay

GST Pulldown Assay for recruitment of bait proteins to GST labeled prey proteins. Prey proteins can be purified or from lysate.


Unconventional Initiation of PINK1/Parkin Mitophagy by Optineurin

Preprint: Cargo sequestration is a fundamental step of selective autophagy in which cells generate a double membrane structure termed an autophagosome on the surface of cargoes. How OPTN initiates autophagosome formation during selective autophagy remains unknown despite its importance in neurodegeneration. The authors uncover an unconventional path of PINK1/Parkin mitophagy initiation by OPTN.


Structural basis for ATG9A recruitment to the ULK1 complex in mitophagy initiation

Preprint: Here, the authors examine the structural interaction between ATG0A and components of the ULK1 complex to better understand the process of the PINK1- and Parkin- dependent mitophagy pathway implicated in Parkinson’s disease.


GUV preparation

GUV preparation for membrane tube assay application


Damaged mitochondria recruit the effector NEMO to activate NF-κB signaling

Preprint: The connections between molecular mechanisms like mitophagy and tissue-wide features like neuro-inflammation remain unclear. Here, the authors characterize a novel link between these two hallmarks of neurodegeneration.


GUV assay

This protocol describes the preparation of GUVs for the reconstitution of LC3 lipidation reaction through the steps of PI3P production by PI3KC3-C1, WIPI2 recruitement and LC3 lipidation with PE. Screen reader support enabled.


Expression and purification protocol of GST-mCh-FYVE

This protocol details the expression and purification of GST-mCh-FYVE.