ASAP is committed to accelerating the pace of discovery and informing a path to a cure for Parkinson’s disease through collaboration, research-enabling resources, and data sharing. We’ve created this catalog to showcase the research outputs and tools developed by ASAP-funded programs.


HyDrop-RNA v1.0

Step-by-step protocol for performing HyDrop-RNA. The duration of each step assumes an experienced protocol user. For a first-time user, we recommend doubling the expected time for each step.


HyDrop-ATAC v1.0

Step-by-step protocol for execution of HyDrop-ATAC.


Microfluidic Chip Production v1.1 V.2

Protocol for producing microfluidic chips used in HyDrop experiment.


HyDrop Bead Generation & PCR Barcoding v1.0

Protocol for producing dissolvable barcoded hydrogel beads used in HyDrop experiments.